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Suplemento multivitaminico enriquecido com aminoacidos para todo o tipo de aves de gaiola.

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Multi-vitamin supplement enriched with amino acids and trace elements for all cage birds.

The animal body is like a machine in that it needs "parts", catalysts and "fuel" if it is to function properly.

These substances are called nutrients and most of them must be supplied by the diet. Vitamins belong to these vital nutritive substances.

Some are essential for the transfer of energy while some are vital for the regulation of the protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolisms.

Without vitamins, and minerals, the body is unable to break down the food substances and turn them into structural units and/or energy.

Because animals can synthesize only a few vitamins and no minerals they must form a permanent part of the dietary intake.

According to reports from veterinarians, however, up to 90% of the ailments they treat in birds are due to an incorrect and inadequate diet. In the majority of cases the cause is a deficiency in the active substances - vitamins, macro and trace elements, especially in times of stress when a bird's needs can fluctuate considerably.

At times like these the supply of vitamins is often either insufficient or not available to the body in full, namely, a hypovitaminosis.

A hypovitaminosis is not easily recognized at first, but any long-term deficiency will lead to considerable damage to a bird's health and finally to its death.

NEKTON-S provides birds owners with a food supplement especially formulated to suit these needs. Its well-balanced composition of 13 vitamins, 18 free amino acids in the natural L form and minerals will help prevent deficiency diseases and increase the nutritional value of the diet.

NEKTON-S increases a bird's resistance to disease and the pressures of moult, shows, acclimation, etc., as well as improving its productivity, especially during breeding.

Give daily to ensure your bird's good health. Simply add to soft food or bird's drinking water. Because of the all-round beneficial effect of NEKTON-S, aviculturists, bird parks and zoological gardens have chosen it as a daily supplement for their birds for years with success.


NEKTON-S is a powder soluble in cold water, providing the ideal method of supplementing your bird's diet. It can be added to the drinking water or sprinkled over soft food A measuring spoon holding 1g powder is enclosed in each jar of NEKTON-S.

Added to Drinking Water Use fresh water every day and only make up the amount of water your bird or birds drink in a day, adjusting the NEKTON-S dosage accordingly. As a guide we recommend 1 g NEKTON-S to 0.25 liter water. Guide (Using measuring spoon): 1 spoonful to 1/2 pint water 2 spoonfuls to 1 pint water General guide: 1/4 teaspoon to 1/2 pint of water 1/2 teaspoon to 1 pint water 1 tablespoon to 1 gallon water Added to Soft Food If adding to bird feed, measure out only that amount of NEKTON-S corresponding to the daily ration. Here we recommend 1 g to 250g soft food (egg or nestling food). If there is only one bird to feed, use a fine needle to make a hole in the sealing foil and shake a little into the drinking water or over the egg food. In stress situations (re-caging, being sold - bought), illness and so on, the dose of NEKTON-S can be doubled without hesitation. Use NEKTON-E with NEKTON-S to achieve even better impregnation results. If you follow these hints you will be surprised at your breeding successes.


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